The temperature measured by Infra-Red forehead scanners is being used to screen for the presence of possible Covid-19 fever. An inaccurate scanner may give a false negative thereby putting other staff members or customers at risk of contracting this deadly disease.



If someone in your business tests positive for the corona virus your business will be forced to close while the authorities performs tests, contact tracing, investigation and disinfection.


The closure could destroy your business.

Our products

Infrared thermometer measures body temperature without contact

Accurate within 0.3 °C IR Thermometer range: 32 °C to 42.5 °C

Ideal for checking for presence of fever


Non-Contact Forehead Body Infrared Thermometer

R999 ex vat


add just R200 for a calibration certificate @ 37 °C (see below)

Is your thermometer accurate?
It could make or break your business


Intercal is an ISO 17025:2017 SANAS accredited calibration laboratory with the capability to test and issue calibration certificates for these Infra-Red thermometers traceable to National Measurement Standards.

This calibration certificate gives you the peace of mind that your thermometer is accurately helping you to keep your staff and customers safe, keeping you in business and also helping to ‘flatten the curve’ in the fight against Covid-19.